My Blogging Tip Is...

'If you lose/break your eyebrow spoolie/comb then don't worry about having to go out and buy one! Just take an old mascara brush and wash it thoroughly and there you have a new eyebrow brush!'

Love Lynsey x

'I have curly hair, so frizz is my worst enemy. I always use a 100% cotton t shirt instead of a towel to dry my hair because it is less harsh. I also double up on conditioner because I use shampoo every other time I condition my hair. I was also using a normal blowdryer for years, but after I switched to one with a diffuser, I noticed a huge difference in how soft, shiny, and frizz free my hair was. I swear by all these tips and I use them every day!

To prevent dry lips, I scrub my lips once a week with a mixture of olive oil and sugar. It's a gentle exfoliator and leaves them so smooth and moisturized afterwards.

Since I work out daily, my feet are a lot drier than most. I try to get pedicures as much as I can but it can get hard on a budget. I purchase my own pedicure supplies at home like the foot filer to get an excess dry skin off, and after I put a generous amount of lotion and/or petroleum jelly on my feet and then put on fuzzy socks.'

Love Cailyn x

'Using baby wipes instead of makeup wipes. It does the same thing as a makeup wipe except they are cheaper and come with way more wipes! I love using baby wipes.'

Love Shauna x