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Blogger of the month

January 2017

This month we are starting out our bloggers of the month. On this page we will display our top bloggers that we feel deserved to be recognised.

Their blogging experience all varies and we are very pleased to share their journeys with all of our readers!


Blog Name:

Lauren Morgan

Blog Category:

Lifestyle, fashion, and beauty

Blog Address:

Follow me on:

Twitter: @misslaurenmorgs Instagram: @laur3nn_x_

When I started blogging:


My best post to date:

Megan's inspirational story: It's all about how she overcomes common stereotypes and stays happy! very inspirational.

Why I enjoy blogging:

Being able to write whatever I want when I want.

I love writing and take a huge passion in it, so it's always great to share my posts with a wider audience and hear their feedback!

Who inspires me:

Zoella inspires me a lot in blogging. Her blog was the first blog I ever read, a long time ago now! It amazes me how she started with zero followers and look where she is today, but she is still very true to herself.

I love the advice she gives to her viewers and how open she is about her experiences with anxiety. It's very inspiring to see; she's a true credit to blogging and vlogging.

Best blogging advice:

My blogging advice would be to have fun with it. Write about what interests you; when you do that your readers will see the real passion and how dedicated you are.

I also would say try and stand out and take your own approach - let your personality shine through. There's many blogs out there, so originality is key when thinking of new blog posts.

What im working on for the future:

I will be working on my dream aspiration - to be come a newspaper journalist. Next year, I will be going on to study BA journalism at university.

I also hope to see my blog flourish more and just enjoy it! I hope that I am still writing this blog in the future and I hope more and more people visit my blog, as my followers and readers are what make my work worth-while.

Thanks, Lauren xo